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Don't Miss the Party of the Year - June Newsletter

June has been spent as usual maintaining and improving our Gents Club offering. Our newest club, 3 Ways is becoming more and more popular as a go to venue for the usual shenanigans you'd expect from one of our clubs. It's also just 200 metres from Camel Toe, another one of our GC's so there's a mini bar hop that can be done. Ask our staff in either venue about the free taxi service between 3 Ways and Camel Toe. 3 Ways Location.


"Party of the Year" as coined by the man himself, Dez from Club Fate kicks off from 6pm on the Monday 1st of July. He promises it will be a crazy night with loads of free shots, free roast pig and a buffet! Open from 6pm until 4am Dez hopes you will find some time in your schedule to swing by and celebrate with him and the girls. Club Fate Location.

What Else is New?

Last month we extended the opening hours of CatFlaps to 11pm and I am pleased to announce these new hours now official until further notice. It feels great to walk into CatFlaps after dark and know that there's still plenty of time for fun.

Just as a reminder of all our other opening times, they are listed below:

  • 1pm - 9pm: 3-Ways

  • 1pm - 9pm: Camel Toe

  • 1pm - 11pm: CatFlaps

  • 1pm - 12am: Maggie Mays

  • 1pm - 12am: Maggie Mays Jomtien

  • 2pm - 1am: Buzzin Lounge

  • 6pm - 4am: Bar39

  • 6pm - 4am: Club Fate

Club Fate has begun their anime themed outfit days with a view to make cosplay a strong part of the clubs identity. Take a look at the gallery below for a preview but be sure to join our Discord to follow this as it develops. We post pictures of the daily line up of girls for each bar every single day!

Whilst we want all of our bars to have their own unique charm, some offerings should be consistent across every bar. Examples of this being the free shots we give out, all of our bars have a free in-house shot that get distributed regularly. We also have free snack mixes to enjoy along with your drinking session. Everything will be offered periodically but if you want it earlier feel free to ask any member of staff for the free in-house shot or snacks and they will gladly oblige.

We also offer Smokey Mountain Beef Jerky in every bar, available for 150 baht it's a great high protein snack that goes great with a drinking session.

New cocktails have been added to the menu in CatFlaps - We now have 12 to choose from, all price at 220 baht. Be careful, they're strong!

There's also a selection of imported drinks such as Beer Laos Light / Dark, Asahi, Guinness Cans and Draft Tiger, Stowford Press Apple / Berry

The snack menu at 3 Ways in being launched on Monday 1st July. Be sure to pop in between 2pm and 4pm as we are giving out free samples of the snack menu on this day!


Our new restaurant "Saneha" and Gents Club "Maggie May Darkside" renovations are still ongoing. The restaurant is coming along very well and we hope to open around August 2024. Maggie Mays Darkside is on track for September 2024. There's a video below of Maggie Mays and a gallery for Saneha. Join our Discord for regular updates on these projects.


An updated list of various specials available in our bars:

Every Day

  • Bar39 in Treetown happy hour beers from 6pm to 8pm

    • 39b for local beers

    • 49b for import beers

    • 8pm - 9pm

  • Tiger Draft for 79b a glass in Camel Toe, Catflaps, Club Fate, Maggie Mays Jomtien

  • Silver beer cards (10 bottles of local beer) for 699b in 3-Ways, Camel Toe, Catflaps, Maggie Mays, Maggie Mays Jomtien and Club Fate

  • Gold beer cards (10 bottles of local or import beer) for 799b in 3-Ways, Camel Toe, Catflaps, Maggie Mays, Maggie Mays Jomtien and Club Fate


  • Free lasagne when you buy a lady drink from 1pm in Camel Toe


  • Free lasagne when you buy a lady drink from 3pm in CatFlaps


  • All you can eat hotdogs at 3pm in CatFlaps


  • Free brisket buffet for bins over 750b at CatFlaps

Bar Crawls

Bar Crawls are running as usual, every day of the week except Sunday. A great way to discover our group of bars and socialise with like minded people! Full Schedule


A look inside 3 Ways with Daz from Everything Pattaya YouTube channel. Filmed about 2 weeks ago:

A video from Buzzin Pattaya highlighting the recent waterpark excursion with the girls from the Buzzin Lounge.

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