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GC Bar Crawls

Available Bar Crawls

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Meet 3pm Buzzin Lounge
300 Baht

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Meet 1pm CatFlaps


Meet 1pm Maggie Mays Jomtien


Meet 1pm Maggie Mays Pattaya

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Meet 3pm Buzzin Lounge
300 Baht


Meet 1pm at Camel Toe

  • How much will I spend?
    How long is a piece of string? If you attend a free bar crawl that visits 6 Gents Clubs and you just have 1 drink in each bar without buying any lady drinks you'll spend around 500-600 baht. That's great if you just want to scope out some new locations with a view to returning later. Others who are keen to party and spend on lady drinks and drink more heavily can spend as much as they like so there's really no set rule in place. Everyone is welcome to do as they see fit.
  • I've heard about a pool party can you tell me about that?
    Buzzin Pattaya run a pool party on the last Wednesday of every month. This is a ticketed event. You can find out more by visiting the Buzzin Discord by clicking here: A Discord channel is usually created about a week before the event to let people signup.
  • How many people attend?
    It varies, the busiest crawl is on Friday with 25+ people joining. Monday and Thursday crawls get 15-20 people. The Wednesday crawl gets 10-15 people and the quieter crawls on Tuesday and Saturday get up to 10 people.
  • Can I join later?
    Sure! If you take a look at the specific bar crawl days you can see the approximate times spent in each venue and plan ahead to coincide with the Pussy Wagon convoy at your bar of choice. Note: This excludes Monday's and Friday's crawls
  • Is there time to "lay down"?
    We spend between 60 and 90 minutes in each venue so if you can get sorted in that time then the answer is yes. It's not uncommon for people to stay longer and catch up with a taxi to the next venue!
  • Why are some of the bar crawls free?
    For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday's GC Bar Crawl we utilise our own "Pussy Wagons" to transport everyone around our own group of GC's so we offer it as a free perk. Monday's and Friday's Bar Crawls visit other bars and gogos from beyond our group and traditional "Baht Buses" must be hired along with a driver so those bar crawls ask for a small 300b fee per person.
  • Will there be food on any of the crawls?
    There is free food provided at the start of the Maggie Mays Jomtien bar crawl. Also, the Thursday Maggie Mays bar crawl stops at Catflaps for free lasagne. If you get peckish on any of the crawls just tell the organiser and they will let you know the best place to get some. Most bars are near food sources so skipping out for 30 mins to eat is no problem, or you can usually bring it back to the bar to eat. Or send one of the girls out to buy you something.
  • Can I leave early?
    Yes, there's no obligation to stay until the end of the crawl and you can leave whenever you want. You will miss out on the raffle at Club Fate at the end of the crawl though!
  • Where do we go?
    Monday's and Friday's crawls go to an undisclosed list of beer bars, gogos and GC's. All pre-arranged with the bars to ensure enough ladies. All the other bar crawls visit our group of GC's exclusively which are scattered around Pattaya.
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