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What is a Gents Club in Pattaya?


Pattaya, a vibrant city known for its nightlife and entertainment, offers a diverse range of venues to cater to the preferences of its visitors. Among these establishments are the Gents Clubs, exclusive venues that provide patrons with a unique and private experience. In this blog post, we will explore what Gents Clubs are, the services they offer, and how they differ from other nightlife options in Pattaya.

Privacy and Exclusivity:

Gents Clubs are distinct for their closed-fronted design, emphasizing the privacy of their customers. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a security guard at the door who carefully controls access. This practice aims to prevent unauthorized entry, particularly to avoid disturbances from wives or jealous females. Additionally, the security personnel ensure that overly intoxicated individuals are turned away, and they discreetly alert the staff inside if law enforcement authorities visit the premises.

Comfortable and Air-Conditioned Ambience:

Gents Clubs focus on providing a comfortable environment for their patrons. The interior is air-conditioned, offering a respite from the tropical heat of Pattaya. The ambiance is carefully curated to offer a cozy and relaxing setting where visitors can enjoy themselves.

Diverse Selection of Hostesses:

One of the distinctive features of Gents Clubs is the wide variety of hostesses they offer. Customers can expect to find a diverse selection of young and older hostesses, as well as those with different body types. The intention is to cater to a range of preferences and ensure that every visitor finds someone they connect with.

Curtained Areas for Extra Privacy:

To enhance the sense of privacy, Gents Clubs often have curtained areas that can be booked for additional exclusivity. These spaces provide patrons with a more intimate setting to enjoy the company of their chosen hostess away from the main crowd.

VIP Room for the Ultimate Experience:

For those seeking the ultimate Gents Club experience, there is often a VIP room available. This room typically features amenities like a shower, a comfortable bed, and a sofa. It offers an enhanced level of intimacy and exclusivity for a memorable experience.

Hourly Bookings and Pricing:

Gents Clubs typically offer hourly bookings for their curtained areas and VIP rooms. The prices for these services can range from 300 to 500 baht, depending on the club and the specific services requested. The cost remains relatively affordable compared to other nightlife options in Pattaya.

Beverage Options:

In terms of beverages, Gents Clubs offer a diverse selection. They serve bottled and canned beverages, draft beers, and ciders. Additionally, premium spirits are available, and some clubs may even prepare cocktails for their patrons.

Pricing and Accessibility:

The price of drinks in Gents Clubs falls between that of open-air beer bars and gogo bars. These establishments are known for being more affordable than gogo bars and even cheaper than other popular options like Thai Friendly or freelance services. Moreover, bar fines and short-time services are generally more cost-effective in Gents Clubs, making them an attractive option for visitors.

Daytime and Evening Venue:

Gents Clubs are primarily considered daytime and evening venues, offering entertainment and relaxation outside the bustling nightlife hours. This differentiation sets them apart from gogo bars, which are renowned for their night time action and liveliness.


Gents Clubs in Pattaya are exclusive venues that prioritize customer privacy, comfort, and diverse entertainment options. Offering a wide selection of hostesses, curtained areas, VIP rooms, and a range of beverages, these establishments provide a unique and affordable experience for visitors seeking a more intimate and relaxed setting than the typical Pattaya nightlife.

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