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Pattaya Year in Review - End of Year Newsletter

Updated: Jan 4

Happy New Year! 2024 has begun so lets take a look back at some of the big events that happened in 2023 for our Gents Clubs in Pattaya...

December saw our Discord grow to 1800+ members. Join us here if you haven't already, like minded mongers await. It's a great place to have a discussion about Pattaya and everyone is welcome, from first time fledgling mongers to hardened Pattaya veterans.

December was also a month for parties, we did 7 different Christmas parties across our group of bars and clubs as well as 3 parties for New Years! 🎉

Now for the year in review... in March we opened our first Gents Club in Pratumnak, CatFlaps. A project that began from a hole in the ground. With lots of passion, experience and no expense spared, CatFlaps was born and has already become one of the best Gents Clubs in Pattaya. If you haven't seen the massive central bar made completely from glass you need to visit. The girls aren't bad there either.

In May we decided to utilise the Escape venue in Tree Town as a Gents Club during the day. Until this point in time it was a Gogo Bar that opened from 8pm onwards.

With some engineering prowess, the Gogo stage was mechanised to raise and lower using electronic winches. This allowed the space to be used for a pool table during the day and the stage could be lowered again at night to allow the Gogo girls to dance. A curtained area and VIP room were added to complete the Gents Club facilities and Eden was born. Open daily from 1pm until 9pm.

As the closing time restrictions loosened towards the end of 2023 we could finally start to plan out our original vision for Escape. A proper nightclub in the middle of Soi Buakhao. So although the Gogo was short lived we had fun and learned a lot. We're looking forward to making Escape a fantastic nightclub in 2024.

In August, Buzzin Bar moved away from the space in front of Eden / Escape and became Buzzin Lounge on Soi Chaiyapoon, opposite Maggie Mays. A closed double unit meant it could become a Gents Club and benefit from air conditioning and an all round more comfortable environment.

During November, lots of building work was going on in the building next door to Maggie Mays with a view to double the size of the club overnight.

Once the building work was completed in December, this is exactly what happened. One night the builders went in and knocked down the wall. The next day, Maggie Mays was a double unit Gents Club.

New furniture, air conditioners, speakers, TVs and a circular pool table have been added and there are plans to add some unique and novel decorations and paintings to the new area. An upstairs room is also under construction for extra naughty fun.

Have you heard of the Pussy Wagons yet? You should have by now but just in case you haven't here's a brief explanation... The Pussy Wagons are Suzuki Carry's that have been converted into a Songthaew (Baht Bus) style transportation with capacity for 10 mongers each (and a few Thai ladies).

We currently have two of these Pussy Wagons and plan to get a third in 2024. They are used several times a week to transport mongers between our group of Gents Clubs 100% free of charge.

We are running two weekly bar crawls at the moment and we also hire the Pussy Wagons out for the day to groups of 5 or more that wish to visit our group of clubs. Again, this is 100% free and makes a great day out.

And of course, another major event of 2023 was the birth of this very website in July. showcasing the best Gents Clubs Pattaya has to offer.

So what about 2024, the future? Well we already have a few things lined up and under-way since January 1st such as our updated opening times:


  • 1pm - 9pm: Camel Toe

  • 1pm - 9pm: Catflaps

  • 1pm - 9pm: Eden

  • 1pm - 12am: Maggie Mays

  • 2pm - 1am: Buzzin Lounge


  • 6pm - 4am: Bar39

  • 6pm - 4am: Club Fate

  • 10pm - 4am: Escape

As you can see, we are currently operating 8 establishments; 6 Gents Clubs, a Beer Bar and a Night Club.

The Gents Clubs (GC's)

Maggie Mays - The best pint of Guinness in Pattaya

Club Fate - The naughtiest GC on Soi Boomerang

Camel Toe - The #1 GC for MILF's in the world

CatFlaps - The best decorated, fitted and furnished GC in Pattaya

Eden - A GC in a nightclub venue with Pattaya's best sound system and 4 person jacuzzi

Buzzin Lounge - The "Gateway" GC for fledgling mongers to cut their teeth

The Beer Bar - Bar 39

Crazy cheap 39 baht local beers 6pm to 8pm every day. Import beers 49 baht.

The Night Club - Escape

Resident DJs playing House, Trance and Techno. Bi-Monthly Trance Events with Guest DJs.

Open late. The best place to pick up a Freelancer in Soi Buakhao after midnight.

In 2024 we have grand ambitions to expand into more territories:

Jomtien - A Resort Complex with on site Gents Club, Swimming Pool and Restaurant

All inclusive packages, the Disneyland of Pattaya

The Darkside - A Spacious Gents Club with a Swimming Pool for Pool Parties

A magnificent Gents Club - Worth the trip even if you don't live on the Darkside

Naklua - Intimate Gents Club for Locals

The first Gents Club in Naklua which is currently extremely under-served Will any of these happen? Who knows.. hopefully at least one does. Or maybe something entirely different. You can never tell when a magnificent deal will present itself. In the mean time we'll keep improving our current 8 establishments. And you can be assured we always have the best interests of the mongers on our minds.

Thank you to everyone who has been following us in 2023 and a warm welcome to all new followers in 2024 - We hope to see you in one of our establishments soon!

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