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Expansion during Songkran and a Heatwave - April Newsletter

Welcome to the April Newsletter. Songkran celebrations took over the city of Pattaya for around 10 days this year and now we're into one of the biggest heatwaves in years. Don't worry though, we've still been working hard, our Gents Clubs are as good as ever and there's plenty to talk about in this months newsletter.

Expansion and Renovations

We are opening a new Gents Club. Tomorrow in fact! From the 1st of May, 3 Ways Gents Club will be operated by our group of bars. It won't be perfect from the get go as we've literally just got the keys. Feel free to pop in and say hello but don't expect perfection just yet. We will throw a party around the middle of May when we feel it's somewhere near our standards. Follow our Discord "Pattaya Mongers" to stay in the loop!

We have a couple of other renovation projects going on as we aim to expand over to the Pattaya Darkside. Our 3rd Maggie Mays venture is probably the one that requires most renovation work but we still aim to have it ready in time for the next high season around November 2024. Follow the Facebook Page "Maggie Mays Darkside" for ongoing updates. Watch this video below for the latest updates.

Our final bit of expansion news is the Suki restaurant "Saneha Suki". This is also on the Darkside of Pattaya in the venue that used to be Khao Talo Cue Pool Hall. This will be an all you can eat Suki restaurant where you pay a fixed price for 2 hours of unlimited hotpot, soft drink refills and ice cream. A lot of work is still required to get this up to standard but we're confident we can launch it within the next two months. Follow the Facebook Page "Saneha Suki" for more information. See the latest update video below.

Buzzin Events

Buzzin Pattaya has been on a trip to Kanchanaburi with a group of subscribers earlier this month. Watch the video below and follow the Buzzin Pattaya Discord if you're interested in joining one of the future excursions. Or pop into the Buzzin Lounge on Soi Chaiyapoon for a beer and a chat about all of the upcoming events.

The Buzzin Lounge is very much a central hub for meeting like minded individuals. Whether you live here or are on holiday. There is something going on most days. From bar crawls to pool parties and now trips away sight seeing. And there's also the livestream in the front garden every Thursday at 4pm for those who want to be part of the show. Don't worry though the camera is aimed away from the entrance and you'd need to be invited into the corner to become famous.

Parties in May

We throw parties for the girls birthdays every month where possible. There's usually at least one girl per bar that has a birthday in any given month. Our first party coming up in May is the CatFlaps "Pizza Party" in collaboration with New York Pizza House, one of the best New York Style Pizzas available in town. Get stuffed on endless pizza on Wednesday May 15th at CatFlaps - More parties to be announced along with the 3 Ways party once we get everything up to scratch.

Gents Clubs Food

Since Gents Clubs are made to be comfortable enough to spend a few hours in, it only makes sense that a good Gents Club has some kind of food or snacks available for when patrons get peckish. The snack menu we launched in CatFlaps last month has been incredibly popular and a testament to the above statement. Camel Toe has had a pub favourites food menu for as long as I can remember. Maggie Mays is starting to partner up with nearby food establishments and Club Fate has an authentic Italian right next door!

3 Ways has a kitchen and will launch a snack menu similar to CatFlaps at the end of May.

We also have the "Free Lasagne when you buy a Lady Drink" promotion at Camel on Wednesdays and CatFlaps on Thursdays. This will most likely be offered in 3 Ways on Wednesday too. Then there's the free smoked brisket and sides when you spend over 750b at CatFlaps on Saturdays.

Not a big eater? No problem. Every one of our Gents Clubs offers a free snack mix, just ask a member of staff and get a complimentary bowl of party snack.

Beer Cards and Bar Crawls

Whilst great on their own, beer cards and bar crawls are even better together. Get on one of our bar crawls and use your beer card along the way. Valid at Maggie Mays, Club Fate, Camel Toe, Cat Flaps and 3 Ways. Gold beer cards now include Asahi! is also now on YouTube!

Our YouTube channel is now up and running with various content related to our bars, clubs and businesses. Subscribe to help us grow the channel and bring more content.

Thanks for reading our monthly updates in this newsletter. As always, for real time interaction and updates as well as daily line ups of all the girls in our clubs, you should join our Discord Server "Pattaya Mongers"

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1 Comment

James N
James N
Apr 30

Hellom all great info, It will be a while till I return to Pattaya but I am interested in the crawls !

IS there any information about a GC called " Wonderland Club " on Soi 8 ? Thanks

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