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New Restaurant and Gents Club Coming This Year - March Newsletter

Yes, that's two exciting projects to look forward to in 2024! The restaurant will be a Thai style venue with Thai food favourites, Suki hotpot and live music. The name is going to be เสน่หา which is pronounced "Saneha" and means affection. Location will be on Khao Talo over the Darkside in the old Khao Talo Cue Pool Hall location not far from the train tracks. We are aiming to have this operational in May 2024. Join our Discord to follow along in real time as we progress. While this new Thai restaurant isn't strictly Gents Clubs related we are hoping that the girls from all of our bars will eat and drink there after work. It should also be a fun place to take wives and girlfriends out to eat.

The new Gents Club is going to be our third branch of Maggie Mays, also over on the Darkside. This time at the far end of Soi Khao Talo by the strip of bars that includes the Bird Cage.

This is going to be a much larger project as we have to renovate a wooden spa with lots of land that will have a swimming pool built on it for pool parties. This much larger Maggie Mays venture should be ready in September 2024. See the video below to get an idea of the size and scope of the project.


Buzzin Lounge - Pool Parties

Buzzin Lounge already has a monthly pool party that runs on the last Wednesday of every month. For more details and to sign up to a pool party event please join the Buzzin Discord

Maggie Mays Pattaya - New Look

Maggie Mays in Pattaya has also had some additional work done to improve the outside aesthetic. Bar benches and stools have been added along with our new branded banners and the sign has been centralised. It looks very smart now, plus there's the benefit of additional parking and easier disabled access.

Before and After photos:

CatFlaps Food - Superior Bar Snacks

CatFlaps has now become our second Gents Club to start serving in-house prepared food. Check out our new bar snack menu. We have spent a lot of time sourcing high quality ingredients and equipment from various suppliers to make sure CatFlaps serves up a cut above your average bar snack. Available from April 2nd.

Beer Cards - Convenient and Cost Effective

Our Beer Cards have changed for the better, the pricing has stayed the same but we have simplified them into 2 types.

Silver Beer Cards, priced at 699 baht, are valid for local bottled beers (Chang, Leo, Singha, Tiger and My Beer)

Gold Beer Cards, priced at 799 baht, are valid for all bottled beers (Chang, Leo, Singha, Tiger, My Beer, Heineken, Heineken Zero, San Miguel Light, San Miguel Zero and Asahi)

This gives everyone more flexibility with their beer cards. For example, you may wish to get a round in with your mates on your card. Now you can, even if they drink a different beer to you.

They are still valid at all of the following Gents Clubs; Maggie Mays Pattaya, Club Fate, Camel Toe, CatFlaps, Maggie Mays Jomtien.

Bar 39 - Cheapest Beers in Town

Want even cheaper beer? Bar39 in Tree Town still offers 39 baht local beers and 49 baht import beers between 6pm and 8pm every day. They have also now added a further offer of 49 baht local beers and 59 baht import beers for one more hour between 8pm and 9pm.

Bar Crawls - Visit Our Clubs in Style

Our Bar Crawls are still going ahead everyday of the week except Sunday. We've made a handy new page on the website with all the bar crawl information on it along with some FAQs so you can get an idea of what to expect before attending.

Discord - Real Time Pattaya Discussion

Don't forget to join us on Discord as this is a place where you can ask any question and get an answer in a short space of time. We also post daily line up photos of all the girls working in our bars each and every day. Pretty useful if you want to check who's there that day and avoid disappointment.

Our Latest Photoshoot - Thanks for Reading!

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