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Maggie Mays Gents Club - A Mongers Perspective

Warning: Maggie Mays is highly addictive. Use with caution.

To step into Maggie Mays is to enter a wonderland, an adult playground with only one rule: have as much fun as humanly possible, with no limits.

pirate lady in ships bar

I first visited this gentleman’s club during the pandemic, in March 2021, and met the legendary manager "Captain", an old-school Yorkshireman who has come to define Maggie’s carefree nature, sheer exuberance, and anything-goes attitude. Captain is, for many regulars, the highlight of their visit. Permanently ensconced on his throne at the end of the bar, there is nothing quite like whiling away a few hours and pints with Captain on a quiet Thursday afternoon — the gregarious host makes everyone feel welcome and has become a firm friend to many of us.

If you don’t feel like chatting with a farang, turn your attention to the friendliest Thai hostesses that Pattaya has to offer. And I genuinely mean this, having visited the bar hundreds of times — the girls are at your beck and call, ready to go the extra mile to make sure you leave the bar with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. If you’re feeling a little sleepy and in need of a lie down, a bed can be provided for you to rest your weary head, and a girl can even read you a bedtime story. If you want to have an intense conversation about politics with a girl or four, you can retreat behind a convenient curtain and set the world to rights in private, all lubricated by lashings of healthy tequila.

maggie mays girl in red dress

Does the fun stop there? No! Maggie Mays has by far the friendliest cashiers in Thailand – these three young ladies are just as eager to make you happy as the several dozen hostesses. From pulling pints of Guinness to having intense discussions about Thai literature behind the privacy curtains, Maggie’s cashiers are truly unique and multi-talented, even by Pattaya’s standards. They are always grateful for a thimble of hard spirits from a handsome foreigner, which can mean they become even friendlier as the night goes on; they’re always willing to scratch any intellectual itch you may have.

maggie mays girl in denim jacket

Don’t you hate clothes when you’re in a bar? I do. They’re so restrictive, so inhibiting. Luckily all the girls in Maggie's agree with me – if they had their way they’d be wearing their birthday suits throughout the day, Isaan-style, especially after a beaker or ten of Mexico’s finest aphrodisiac. Just shout out “two tequila take off” and see what happens…

Not a fan of the usual music playlists they have in many bars? Not a problem, Maggie’s has you covered. Jump on the keyboard and whack on any YouTube song you fancy (but no bassline or death metal, Captain says).

captain drinking in the ships bar

One of the many appeals of Maggie Mays is its small size – it creates a real feeling of intimacy, which means you get to know the farangs and girls so much faster. I’ve lost count of the number of friends I’ve made in this place.

I’m currently trying to wean myself off my Maggie's addiction, but it’s not easy. After going there a few times you realise what a sense of community it has, like an R-rated Cheers. And it’s so much fun going to a bar where everyone knows your name, especially as a solo traveler or expat.

Open from 1pm until Midnight, Maggie Mays can be found near the bottom of Soi Chaiyapoon, across the road from Buzzin Lounge.

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