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Constantly Improving the Pattaya Gents Club Experience - November Newsletter

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Constantly improving the Gents Club experience in Pattaya. Continue reading this newsletter to find out what has been going on with our clubs this month. For more regular updates, consider joining our Discord server "Pattaya Mongers". We are now over 1400 members strong and still growing!

We recently started some new channels on our Pattaya Mongers Discord Server called "Daily Girl Pics" which allows you to see every girl working at a club on any given day. No more worries about arriving and being told the girl you had your eye on "hab day off". Just another reason why you should join our Discord Server

You may remember that last month we started the Maggie Mays expansion and this has been ongoing since. Now we are proud to welcome customers into our newly renovated extension. It is not 100% finished yet and some final touches are still to be made during the following weeks. The round pool table is proving very popular already, pop down and have a game with one or more of the girls!

Below is a video filmed on the 29th of November.

The building and renovation work doesn't stop there, Camel Toe is also getting some TLC over the next few days with a new tiled floor to enhance the look and feel of the club. The tiling will be done out of hours so the bar will remain fully open during normal hours.

Buzzin Lounge has also had some improvements done, benefitting from a new sound system and a new pool table. There is also some new signage being worked on that will make sure the Buzzin Lounge stands out on Soi Chaiyapoon, keep a look out during December!

The old "Buzzin Bar" outside the front of Escape Night Club in Tree Town is now being rebranded to "Bar 39" to show our commitment to the 39 baht beer special that runs every day between 6pm and 8pm. All local beers are just 39 baht for this 2 hour window. Import beers are 49 baht.

The Trance Music Nights at Escape are still going and we have a famous International DJ playing at the next one on Friday 1st December. Concept and Innovation presents Darren Porter at Escape Night Club in Tree Town! Event details here

Some new items have been added to the food menu at Camel Toe and we've improved some of our current offerings with higher quality meats from new suppliers. Visit Camel Toe and have a taste.

On the subject of food, we are continuing to build our daily specials with a view to having a food special available every day at CatFlaps and some more regular ones at Camel Toe. Eden still has the daily Hotdog and Beer for 99 baht special with the high quality German frankfurters, fresh bread each day and a very impressive range of condiments.

If you want a fun and easy way to visit our clubs, regular Thursday Bar Crawls are still running every week from Maggie Mays at 1pm so if you want to explore all of our clubs with free transport in our Pussy Wagons, pop into Maggie Mays to sign up.

For those who can't make it on Thursdays we have a new offering called the "Pattaya Bar Safari" - Simply get 5 or more of you together and we will give you free transport around our clubs for the day. Pussy Wagon + Driver is included and there will be free shots in every bar, a free sexy show at Camel Toe and you can even take girls between clubs free!

To book this simply email us a few suggested dates and how many people at and we'll get right back to you and book your day out.

We've added some new merchandise to our shop so now you can buy branded hats and umbrellas as well as t-shirts. Our lovely Jinny from CatFlaps is modeling the umbrella.

As we get deeper into high season we will continue to raise the bar and provide an unparalleled Gents Club experience in Pattaya. Please share this post with anyone you think might be interested in our latest improvements.

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1 Comment

Geri Atric
Geri Atric
Dec 02, 2023

Thanks for the newsie updates , Promos, beauty pictures, and strategic MAPS.

It helps overcome HIGH airfares, visa trickery, and slicky ~ boyz *


geri atric 🐘 🐘 🐘

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