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Another New Bar! May Newsletter

As one of our Gents Clubs is about to celebrate a 1 Year Anniversary, we also celebrate the grand opening of our latest acquisition, 3 -Ways Gents Club on Soi Regional Land.

This means 2 big parties back to back! The 3-Ways Grand Opening on Friday 31st of May and the Buzzin Lounge 1 year anniversary on the 1st of June.


Buzzin Lounge on Soi Chaiyapoon opened in June last year and quickly became one of the busiest bars on the road. The anniversary party will feature over 30 girls in rock and roll attire as well as special shows, a pig roast and drinks promos. Drop into Buzzin Lounge on Saturday 1st June for an epic party! Location

We acquired 3-Ways at the beginning of May and we've spent this month getting up to the standard you'd expect from our group of Gents Clubs.

It's not perfect just yet but we wanted to share our progress so far with a Grand Opening Party featuring 50 baht beers, a buffet by The Sportsman and a pig roast. Come along on Friday 31st May and celebrate with our new girls! Location

Below is a video filmed by Buzzin Pattaya in 3-Ways last week in case you were curious as to the location and what's changed so far. Even more has changed since the video including fancy new sofas and many more staff so we recommend visiting in person to check it out if you're in town.

A great way to visit 3-Ways on our grand opening day would be to join the Friday afternoon Buzzin Bar Crawl. This meets at Buzzin Lounge at 3pm and will visit 3-Ways at 4pm (just in time for the food). It will then continue around various other bars in town. For more details and to join the bar crawl, check out the Buzzin Discord Server

What Else is New?

For the month of June, CatFlaps in Pratumnak will extend its operating hours will stay open until 11pm. That's an extra 2 hours of fun to be had in CatFlaps. We will keep the opening time as 1pm, the same as before. CatFlaps also has yet another food special which we will cover later in the newsletter.

Camel Toe and 3-Ways now enjoy a free shuttle service between them. Leaving Camel and want to go to 3 Ways? No problem, our free motorbike service will get you there in no time!

This works both ways so you can get to Camel Toe from 3 Ways as well, just ask the staff.

Maggie May Jomtien has got loads of new girls and a new outfit schedule to complement.

Outfit Schedule:

Monday: Maids

Tuesday: Nurses

Wednesday: Love Bunnies

Thursday: School Girls

Friday: Cheerleaders

Saturday: ???

Sunday: Police

Saturday is a special surprise outfit that has not yet been seen. This schedule will begin on June 2nd and continue indefinitely. Get down to Maggie Mays Jomtien to enjoy the new delights. Below is a little gallery to whet the whistle...

Club Fate is also set to get some new girls and outfits in June. All of the girls are going to pick their favourite anime characters and do cosplay. This is a little different to the norm of all girls wearing the same outfit, our goal is to have all girls wearing a different outfit based on an anime character they enjoy... A bit like Comic-Con!

No gallery for these yet but keep an eye on our Discord Server for all the daily line up pics from all of our bars.

We do have a video filmed by Everything Pattaya very recently in Club Fate where he has a chat with some of the staff. Watch below.

And finally for what's new, our Pussy Wagons have had a little makeover and become waterproofed just in time for the rainy season.

The Pussy Wagons take customers around all of our 7 Gents Clubs for free, 4 days a week. Check out the Bar Crawl Schedule if you wish to join in on one of these. They're great fun!


Our two renovation projects have made decent progress this month. The restaurant on Khao Talo is now filled with lots of audio and lighting equipment for the live music. The branding and signage has been mocked-up but not yet fitted. See below the new branding and also the latest video of our progress.

The Maggie May Darkside venue has had a lot of demolition so far but it has to get worse before it can get better. See the video below for the latest walk around.


We have another food special at CatFlaps, all you can eat hotdogs every Friday at 3pm.

Beer Cards are still proving very popular and we also offer Guinness Cards that work in every Maggie Mays venue.

Bar39 is still doing the cheapest beer in town between 6pm and 8pm with 39 baht local bottles. We also extended the happy hour until 9pm so that 8pm until 9pm local bottled beers are just 49 baht.

And Finally

Just in case you couldn't keep track of which Gents Clubs we are operating, these are the 7 current GC's we run. A few more couldn't hurt, right?

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