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It has been another exciting month here in Pattaya as the high season approaches. We've been working hard to constantly improve our Gents Clubs for everyone to enjoy. This newsletter will cover many of the things that have happened this month, for more regular updates, consider joining our Discord server "Pattaya Mongers". We are now over 1000 members strong and growing every day!

During the first week of October we ordered a meat smoker for CatFlaps Gents Club so we could make BBQ brisket on Saturdays. This has gone very well, the brisket is delicious and we also have sides of pasta salad, coleslaw and green leaf salad. The brisket gets rubbed with a special seasoning and smoked low and slow for 15 hours before resting and serving to CatFlaps patrons each Saturday at 3pm.

On Saturday 14th October we hosted our first ever Trance Night at Eden / Escape Gents Club in Tree Town. The Funktion-One sound system was tuned for the event, new lazer and lightshows were programmed, the hazer machines were fixed and CO2 cannons were refilled. The club was packed from the start at 10pm right to the end. We plan to continue these on a fortnightly basis so be sure to check out the next one on Saturday 4th November from 10pm.

CatFlaps gets a mention again, along with The Camel Toe and Club Fate as we have added some new products to our drinks line up. CatFlaps now has Guinness Draught cans, Asahi bottles and Beer Laos in both light and dark varieties. The Camel Toe has Guinness Draught cans, Thatcher's Gold cans and Tetley's Smooth Ale cans. Club Fate will be getting Asahi bottles and various flavours of Soju.

The Maggie Mays extension is well underway now with plans to finish ready for the first week of December. Here's a video explaining the new layout. It's going to be great!

Whilst still on the subject of Maggie Mays, the Thursday Gents Club Bar Crawls are still happening. We have capacity for around 15 people so if you wish to participate just pop in to Maggie Mays and put your name down as spaces are limited. It is highly recommended to try get on this at least once during your visit as everyone has a fantastic time.

We've updated our drinks menus for the bars - The prices haven't changed much but there are some new products and specials available. Get discounts on beers with a Beer Card and try the "Two Tequila Take Off" both are definitely worth it. Have a slide through below!

So as you can hopefully tell, we're really striving to bring you the best Gents Club experience Pattaya has to offer. We'll continue working hard into the high season and beyond. Hope to see you in one of our fine establishments very soon!

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Can the beer card be used at the various clubs on the Crawl?


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